Seamless PE Knitted Water Hose -Strengthen Series

General Details

Sandian Knitted waterhose is a type of new innovated polymer water pipe,it is designed to reduce labor intensity.Comparing with the traditional water hose,Oue PE Knitted waterhose has the flowing properties:

  • Light Weight
    One single person can easily carry away our PE Knitted water pipe roll,but for the traditional PVC,Rubber,Polypropylene,Synthetic fiber&Nylon water pipe,Two or three perplr can be able to move the pipe roll.
  • HarmlessHarmless,No flavor,can be used for supplying fresh water for municipal water projects.
  • Aging Resistance:No aging for 2 years exposure to the sun.
  • Freeze Resistance: Comparing with traditional polypropylene,PVC water pipe,equipped with property of better freeze resistance,won’t get hardned under -40℃
  • Seamless circular Knitted:More stronger then the Bonding Hose
Techical Info
Performance Sandian Knitted hose Traditional water Hose
Life 5-7 Years 1-2 Years
weight 1 Inch, 20-25g/Meter 1 Inch, 60-80g/Meter
High pressure resistant 3-8bar 0.5-0.8bar
Antifreeze&Fold resistance Temperature from -48 to +48 can be used Temperature suitable from -10 to +48
Length 500Meter/pcs Less then 100meter/pcs
Safety In December 2012, the company’s products were inspected by ATC, a foreign authoritative department, and the products met 72 international green product certification standards. They obtained direct permission to export to western countries such as Europe and America, and were exempted from inspections for entry and exit. Unknown
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